Retail/Post Construction

The completion of a construction project often leaves behind dirt, dust, debris and waste. For all busy contractors, real estate agents or homeowners, they have no time to clean up this mess.

Thorough post-construction clean-up services are extremely crucial in ensuring that every last nook and corner is thoroughly cleaned up, so that nothing is left behind when potential buyers view the completed construction site.

We currently cater to both stages of post-construction clean-up:

  1. Rough interior cleanup: We currently focus on removing construction debris such as scraps and loose boards from the inside of the structure, we sweep the floors and we thoroughly clean them to ensure that they are ready for installing carpets or flooring. We will also wash your windows and thoroughly dust them.
  2. Final interior cleanup: We offer this detailed cleaning after the construction job has  been completed. We currently focus on cleaning floors, wiping down all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, vacuuming your carpets, cleaning your interior window sills, and removing any remaining debris. We also offer the ability to remove dust from your light fixtures, ceiling fans and vents.

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